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05/2019: German health minister Jens Spahn visits ClinicAll!

ClinicAll at the Capital City Congress 2019 – Medicine and Healthcare

On May 21st, the Capital City Congress 2019 was opened in Berlin with the headline: "Healthcare politics, preventive healthcare, healthcare professions in the times of digital transformation". German health minister Jens Spahn declared that the current German government is rigorously pursuing digitalization: "We have to set the bar higher instead of getting lost in insignificant details. To achieve this, politics need to show greater ambition to design again", he said during the opening of the three-day event in Berlin.

ClinicAll presents the kind of digitalization solutions that are currently in high demand: Jens Spahn took the opportunity to visit us at the ClinicAll stand. Here, we were able to show him our ClinicAll software and the bedside terminals and explain the digital advantages that our products offer to hospitals.

The following numbers show how important digitalization is: The US government introduced two big legislations to introduce the electronic patient record and digitalization, the second of these already in 2009, combined with an investment program worth 36 billion US Dollars. "In Germany", it was stated at the Capital City Congress, "there has as yet not been such a major social accomplishment." During his visit at the ClinicAll stand, Jens Spahn emphazised again how much effort the current government puts on digitalization.

The time frame to introduce all these new digital services is very tight. This puts companies such as ClinicAll in a good position, as all the technical solutions already have been developed and proven in practical use. While many other companies still talk about digitalization as a future vision, it is already a reality for ClinicAll. We were able to unequivocally demonstrate this achievement at the Capital City Congress in Berlin again.

04/2019: DMEA's succesful premiere

The first DMEA in Berlin – the former conhIT – has proved a big success.

The leading healthcare IT event in central Europe – known as conhIT – changed its name for 2019: DMEA – Digital Medical Expertise & Applications. According to data provided by Messe Berlin and, an impressive total of 570 exhibitors displayed their products and services for digitalization, and 10,800 visitors attended the show.

The event was opened by Germany's minister of health, Jens Spahn, whose well-known target is to push digitalization: "The alternative is not if it happens or not, but if we design it or suffer."

We from ClinicAll focused again to show clearly why our innovative corporation is one of the successful pioneers for patient-oriented solutions. The patient room of the future has already become a reality. At our stand, we showcased our scaleable multi-platform software system that allows for the integration of all digital services within the hospital. Access to the electronig patient records is just a question of time – the technology behind the ClinicAll app is already prepared to realize it.

In addition, our long-term technology partners advantech, SRC Infonet and ergo Kassensysteme displayed their own new product developments at our stand.

We would like to use the opportunity to thank all visitors and interested parties for the active and fruitful discussions on our stand. Your feedback shows that we are proceeding on the right track, and your wishes and suggestions help us to select the targets of future developments. It is our firm belief that digitalization of hospitals can be designed in an active and benefitial way – for doctors, staff and patients.

04/2019: Visit us at DMEA 2019!

ClinicAll showcases the latest product portfolio for healthcare digitalization in Berlin.

This year, the leading German and European healthcare IT event – known as conhIT – gets a new name: DMEA – Digital Medical Expertise & Applications. This change reflects the fundamental shift of the sector towards the digitalization of all processes.

We from ClinicAll welcome this development. Since almost 11 years we are providing solutions that aid digitalization in hospitals, and many of our developments even played a leading role. At DMEA 2019, we will show you a comprehensive, well-proven product portfolio with several interesting novelties:

  • ClinicAll software platform and bedside terminals for hospitals
  • The new ClinicAll App for iOS and Android, first announced one year ago, has been developed further
  • New ClinicAll cash and accounting systems offer a state-of-the-art solution for the operation of cafeterias, parking garages and other related services
  • A number of large scale projects have been realized in 2018 (such as Schwäbisch Hall, Doha/Qatar). They are proof of the scaleablility and expandability of ClinicAll solutions
  • SRC Infonet, software partners of ClinicAll, showcase their own product portfolio at the ClinicAll stand

As you can see, our stand will be certainly worth a visit. We are looking forward to show you our products in person!

DMEA 2019 – 9-11 April in Berlin – Hall 2.2, stand C102

01/2019: More than 600 ClinicAll terminals are in operation in Doha/Qatar

In Doha, the capital of Qatar, a new hospital with 425 beds has been completely equipped with ClinicAll systems in 2018.

ClinicAll and their local distribution partner were able to close a contract with the hospital operators in Katar during 2018. A total of 600+ systems have been installed, comprising of large format Smart TV screens in all patient rooms and the several big waiting areas.

After the systems have been transported to Qatar and installed, they are now fully operating. Feedback so far is highly positive: Especially the easy and intuitive operation of the Smart TV screens via tablets and remote controls is praised. Experiences that are gained in the first months of operation are of high benefit for us as well as the hospital operator, because there are plans to install more terminals in other hospitals as well.

The facts: ClinicAll systems for 425 patient rooms – and 240 additional Smart TV screens for waiting areas

All 425 patient rooms of the hospital are equipped with ClinicAll software. A Smart TV screen is located in each room, controlled by a specially developed mini PC. This techology allows to use the ClinicAll software both via a "pillow speaker" as well as a tablet, which is provided in the VIP stations. This way, patients receive the most state-of-the-art software package – of course with TV and internet services. Also, doctors and staff can benefit from digital services that can be run on the ClinicAll software platform.

In addition, ClinicAll and their local distribution partner also equipped all community and waiting areas in the hospital complex. To achieve this, an additional 240 Smart TV screens were delivered that are also controlled via mini PC. These screens can display information videos or live TV programs.

Further technological extensions, such as additional hospital services or HL7 connection, have already been foreseen during planning and development of our software.

Pictures: ClinicAll / Katar

01/2019: ClinicAll attends Arab Health 2019 in Dubai

ClinicAll is gaining a strong foothold on the Arab market. For the fifth consecutive time, we present us and our products at Arab Health in Dubai – the biggest trade show for the healthcare sector on the Arab peninsula. The 2019 event is expected to be even bigger than last year – more than 4,200 exhibitors and over 100,000 visitors have attended the 2018 show.

At the ClinicAll booth, the focus again is on digitalization and the ClinicAll software platform that allows the integration of several clinical apps into one clearly structured user interface and into one network. The ClinicAll App that was developed in 2018 further underlines our commitment to offer a consistent and powerful solution for every modern device – be it stationary or mobile.


08/2018: 360 ClinicAll terminals for Schwäbisch Hall / Germany

The Diakonie-Klinikum Schwäbisch Hall goes for ClinicAll bedside terminals

The Diakonie is Germany's biggest charitable organization of Protestant churches, operating in excess of 30.000 facilities. One of them is the Diakonie-Klinikum in Schwäbisch Hall, located in Southern Germany, a hospital that also is connected to the university of Heidelberg. Comprising of 22 departments and institutes, its overall capacity is 500 beds. We are pleased to announce that this hospital will now be fitted with ClinicAll technology. The contract comprises of 360 innovative ClinicAll 15" bedside terminals with touchscreen. Currently the systems are already being installed.

A new building in Schwäbisch Hall

In 2018, the Diakonie-Klinikum Schwäbisch Hall is commissioning a new building project: The idea of this state-of-the-art construction was to create a “hospital with hotel character” offering space for 78% of all patients, replacing an old building from 1937. The other 22% of beds are located in the old building which underwent structural restoration. Thanks to the comprehensive construction activities, it was possible to integrate all current requirements on the IT infrastructure.

ClinicAll equips all beds for private wards as well as statutory health insurance

Around 89% of all bedside terminals (approx. 320) are to be used in the statutory health insurance wards. These terminals are mounted at the side tables next to each bed. All terminals are integrated into the existing wiring.

Highest comfort level for private patients

In addition, another 40 ClinicAll devices are installed in the private wards, together with 40 high-quality 55-inch IPTV sets, so that patients can benefit from the highest comfort level. All devices offer TV, radio, internet, digital newspapers, weather information and games. Additional attractive services such as Pay TV are to be rolled out within the whole hospital during the installation. We are looking forward to the cooperation and future projects with the Diakonie-Klinikum Schwäbisch Hall.

06/2018: ClinicAll equips one of the biggest hospitals in Qatar

A hospital in Doha, the capital of Qatar, will be completely equipped with ClinicAll systems. The hospital operates 425 beds in total.

This clinic is run by the country's biggest hospital operator. ClinicAll and our local business partner have entered into a cooperation contract, the result of comprehensive negotiations and thorough planning. Two joint on-site presentations have been held in 2017, during the cause of which we – and our technological solutions – were able to win against strong competiton.

Having won this contract means that ClinicAll will launch operations in the promising and fast-growing market of Qatar. As this is not our first entry in the Arabian market – ClinicAll systems are operational in Saudi Arabia already – this means that brand awareness for ClinicAll will substantially improve in the Arabian world.

The facts: systems for 425 patient rooms – and an additional 240 smart TV devices, also for various lounging and public areas

All 425 patient rooms of the hospital are to be equipped with ClinicAll software. Attention should be paid to the individual room configuration: The systems are smart TV devices, controlled by mini PCs that have been specially developed to ClinicAll specification. This way it is possible to run the ClinicAll software both on "pillow speakers" as well as on tablets on the VIP stations. All patients can make full use of ClinicAll's state-of-the-art software package – of course including TV and internet. In addition, doctors and staff can use digital services that also can be installed on the ClinicAll software platform.

What's more, ClinicAll and the local partner also equip all lounging and public areas of the hospital with 240 smart TV sets that are again to be controlled by mini PCs. Those devices can, according to the customer setup, display various information videos or the current TV program.

Installation and setup of all systems is to be conducted as soon as possible. All preparations and orders are well under way. Starting up operations is scheduled for Q4/2018 at the latest. Further technological extension stages – such as the integration of additional hospital services and HL7 integration – are already being accounted for during the planning and development stage.

Our new customer is the leading healthcare provider in the Emirate of Qatar since almost 40 years, operating a great number of medical centres including eight hospitals.

04/2018: An event that sets the course: ClinicAll at conhIT

ClinicAll's newest digitalization solutions attracted great attention at conhIT – notably the new ClinicAll app. We were happy to welcome Dr. Georg Kippels, Member of the German Bundestag, at our booth.


conhIT2018 consolidates its position as Europe's leading healthcare IT event. This year, more than 10,000 participants attended the event – a new record. The number of exhibitors also rose from 501 in 2017 to 577 this year. Against this promising backdrop, ClinicAll was able to gain much attention by presenting two innovations:

First of all, the ClinicAll app, having the potential to replace traditional bedside terminals in many applications by giving patients access to several important hospital services on their own device.

In addition, ClinicAll teamed up with Spok, the leading U.S. provider for clinical communication. This cooperation has already borne fruit which was presented on a special live patient tour set up at the ClinicAll booth. We are offering a solution for seamless and simple communication between patients, the clinic, doctors and nurses – a product that attracted great attention at conhIT.

Amongst the visitors to the ClinicAll booth was Dr. Georg Kippels, Member of the German Bundestag and of the Commission for Health of the new German government, consisting of a total of 41 parliamentarians. All legislative proposals in the fields of healthcare are discussed in this group. The detailed and constructive talk with Mr. Kippels greatly helps us to better analyze the current position and targets of healthcare politics. The goal of this exchange of ideas is to improve our understanding of the needs of hospitals and patients especially in Germany and to offer perfectly tailored solutions for the upcoming digitalization.

We would like to thank Dr. Georg Kippels for the interest in our products during the visit.

04/2018: conhIT 2018 – Dr. Ralf Brauksiepe visits ClinicAll

The new commissioner of the German federal government for the interests of patients, Dr. Ralf Brauksiepe, took the opportunity to check out ClinicAll's digitalization solutions at conhIT 2018.


Since 11 April 2018, Dr. Ralf Brauksiepe is the new commissioner of the German federal government for the interests of patients. Thus, his visit to the ClinicAll booth at conhIT 2018 was one of his very first official acts, and we were happy to welcome him at our booth.

At the ClinicAll booth, two novelties are in focus this year: First, the ClinicAll App, which is available for iOS and Android. For the first time, this app allows patients to have access to hospital services on their own device. Thus, it is no longer paramount to place a bedside terminal in every hospital room, as patients can simply bring their own device to the hospital and use these services.

The second important novelty is the collaboration between ClinicAll and Spok, the leader in clinical communication solutions. A six-stage journey was set up for visitors to experience the new standard in patient experience.

Dr. Ralf Brauksiepe did not miss out on the opportunity to take this tour and he gained a detailed overview of ClinicAll's solutions. Currently, the German government's main focus is on the renewal and digitalization of the healthcare sector. On Tuesday, Jens Spahn, the new minister of health opened conhIT. In his keynote speech, he emphasized that the E-Health strategy of the German government shall be further strengthened under his leadership. Regarding the implementation of digital healthcare IT solutions, Germany still has to catch up with some other leading countries. We would like to thank Dr. Ralf Brauksiepe for his interest in our products during his visit.

04/2018: The new comfort class by ClinicAll

For you, for me, for everyone: The ClinicAll app - it is not only the patients who will love it!


Developed for iOS and Android, the new ClinicAll app lets previously unfulfilled wishes come true: as it gives the user full access to a wide range of services. We, at ClinicAll, have already been successful in specializing in modern digitalized solutions for clinics. This expertise has led to the idea of making all the possibilities offered by this new technology available directly to all users. Quite simply and uncomplicated on their own smartphone or tablet.

You are at the center of attention – the ClinicAll app makes sure of this.

Are you currently staying in hospital? Open the ClinicAll app on your smartphone and see how easy it is to use the TV, Internet, and to call up all the information that your hospital makes available to you: Your treatment appointments, your next lunch. You can even use the app to control the room lighting or your bed! Your doctor and your hospital staff can conveniently give you information about upcoming doctor’s visits via push messages. And you can call your nurse via the ClinicAll app at any time - making all communication incredibly easy and uncomplicated!

Are you healthy again and have been able to leave the hospital? Keep the ClinicAll app on your smartphone and receive interesting news and information on the topics of health technology, ClinicAll, other affiliated clinics and cooperation partners.

Full patient service – on your own device

Operating the new ClinicAll app is amazingly simple: patients can download the app from their operating system’s App store. They will receive a personal access code for the respective hospital’s information services. Furthermore, hospital staff and doctors have a wide array of possibilities to communicate with the patient: If, for example, upcoming doctor’s visits or treatment appointments are shown to the patient via push message, a message on the room status display in the nurses’ office informs the medical staff as soon as the patient has read the message.

Available now in the App store – discover all the benefits live at conhIT 2018:

Over recent months, ClinicAll has developed this ground-breaking new app which has now reached market maturity and has been released in the Android and iOS App stores. To date, no other supplier on the market has been able to realize an app for patients and clinics with a comparable range of features.

In order to install the app, just search through the App store for "ClinicAll App".

The new ClinicAll app will be shown to trade and industry representatives for the first time in our own virtual hospital set-up at conhIT 2018 – with own first applications.

"Bring your own device:" Download the app free of charge in advance from your App store ... and experience the wide range of opportunities available to you during a hospital stay live at our conhIT stand.

Find out more about the ClinicAll App!

03/2018: ClinicAll equips private ward in Essen / Germany with infotainment systems

The Elisabeth Hospital in Essen / Germany is the second clinic of the Contilla group to opt for ClinicAll

The Elisabeth hospital has a long history: It is the first hospital in the city of Essen. Today, it is a state-of-the-art medical facility. Altogether more than 600 beds are operational in several different areas of the hospital. ClinicAll is pleased to announce the installation of 28 bedside terminals and 17 large-screen 55-inch and 32-inch wall-mounted TV sets in the private ward "Ursula 1".

The large-screen TV sets offer full HD comfort and are controlled via the bedside terminals and an IP connection. A dedicated app module has been developed by ClinicAll for this task. To ensure uncompromized privacy, TV sound is played via the bedside terminals that also offer headphone jacks.

These high-tech solutions help to achieve the highest levels of patient comfort.

The Contilla GmbH operates six local hospitals with a total of 1,400 beds, including the Elisabeth Hospital in Essen-Huttrop, the geriatric center Haus Berge in Essen-Bergeborbeck, the St. Josef Hospital in Essen-Kupferdreh, the specialized clinic Kamillushaus in Essen-Heidhausen, the St. Marien Hospital in Mülheim an der Ruhr and the St. Elisabeth Hospital Niederwenigern in Hattingen.

ClinicAll already has installed bedside terminals in the St. Marien Hospital in Mülheim an der Ruhr last year. The experiences gained there also are now also used during the installation of the new terminals in the Elisabeth Hospital. Thus, launching operations should be fast and smooth.


10/2017: New challenges – Part II of the German E-Health Act expected

The E-Health Act is expected to be amended to include a second part in the upcoming electoral term, i.e. from 2018. Key provisions in this part include the electronic patient health record and rebates for setting up a digital infrastructure.


Photo below: Hermann Gröhe visits ClinicAll in September: A roundtable discussion with hospital operators featured lively debate about the opportunities and difficulties offered by digitalization and the E-Health Act.

Details of the new Act were first presented by Stefan Bales, Undersecretary to the Federal Ministry of Health, on September 26, 2017 on the occasion of the 'eHealth.NRW – Digital Healthcare' symposium.

According to this information, a large-scale rollout of the digital patient record and policy holder master data management (VDSM) is planned for the new electoral term. Attention was also drawn to the availability of a solution that allows patients access to their digital patient health record. Bales also mentioned two other applications now in the pipeline with point-of-care relevance – namely an electronic medication plan and an emergency data management system – that will therefore utilize digitalization to offer physicians and patients real added value.

Time is of the essence for hospitals and physicians, since the E-Health Act comes with a tight schedule: all practices in Germany should have their digital infrastructure in place by the end of 2018. One issue that is also often brought up in ClinicAll's meetings with customers is the fairly substantial level of cost that is unavoidably involved in introducing new technologies. Bales announced that rebates would be on offer in this context as well, however, although the exact details of this compensation are to be clarified at a later point in time.

Further details of the announcement of Part II of the E-Health Act are now available from

At ClinicAll, the last few years in particular have been spent focusing on this key issue of the digitalization of healthcare, and we have worked with a number of hospitals to put into practice a number of innovative solution strategies.

With our portfolio, we offer hospitals an indispensable and forward-looking approach to meeting the new challenges of the E-Health Act. Contact us today to arrange a personal consultation.

09/2017: German Minister of Health, Hermann Gröhe, visits ClinicAll headquarters in Neuss

Hermann Gröhe talks about the importance of new IT solutions and the demand for powerful software providers


In the run-up to the elections, German Minister of Health, Hermann Gröhe, took the opportunity to pay a personal visit to the headquarters of ClinicAll Germany GmbH on September 19th. He gave a speech entitled "The importance of IT and Digitalisation for the structure of healthcare going forward". One of the key messages underlined the fact that there is immense demand for really powerful software solutions, and that this poses a serious challenge even for major players in the industry.

ClinicAll invited special guests to attend the event, including hospital operators and decision-makers. Following the speech, there was opportunity for detailed questions regarding digitalization, and the future of clinic funding. At the end of the event there was room for discussions at an open buffet.

The quintessence of Mr. Gröhe’s statements as well as the discussion and one-on-one meetings is: There is huge demand from clinics for state-of-the-art digital solutions, and the government is prepared to launch large-scale financial support within the next few years. The ClinicAll solution addresses both the development of digitalization and the requisite funding.

We would like to say thank you to Mr. Hermann Gröhe as well as to all our other guests for having participated and we hope that everyone enjoyed our event.


06/2016: Ready for use: Custom-made software from ClinicAll for the largest hospital chain in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – ClinicAll has developed a special custom-made software solution for a premium customer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that is now nearly “ready for use”. The hospital in Riyadh, the capital city and the economic center of Saudi Arabia, belongs to one of the largest private hospital chains of the country and has more than 200 beds. In coming years another 4,500 beds should follow throughout the entire Arab world.

The innovative software is used on the modern ClinicAll bedside terminals that are provided at every hospital bed, and is equipped with both English and Arabic language functions. In addition to a direct connection with the modern media world, including TV and multimedia, it makes it possible for patients to use all modern communications options like Skype or social media from Facebook through Twitter to Instagram, as well as providing direct online access via Internet Explorer.

Patients can also enjoy a huge variety of services, like e-services and complete room automation ranging from climate through light to bed control. Menu selection is also possible via the terminal. With the virtual tour, patients can inform themselves about all services of the hospital. Thanks to the integrated baby camera, happy parents can also watch their newborns happily kicking and sleeping in real-time.

With this innovation, ClinicAll has initiated another pioneering development that is unrivalled, not only in Saudi Arabia, but also in Europe. An extremely successful entry into the Arabian health care market with an annual investment volume of more than EUR 10 billion.