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Products & solutions

ClinicAll creates a direct and modern connection between physicians, medical staff, and the patient


The ClinicAll App

Patient comfort and state-of-the-art hospital communication on any mobile device


A new hospital experience!

The new ClinicAll app gives patients and hospitals independence from bedside terminals. Just open the new ClinicAll app on your smartphone to experience how simple and straightforward communication in the hospital can be! Medical staff and patients are in direct contact with one another – all made possible by live status updates on connected devices and push messaging!

Android or iOS – Bring your Own Device!

The ClinicAll app runs on Android and iOS devices: smartphones and tablets that patients typically bring into the hospital with them anyway.

You can find out more about the ClinicAll app here.

Software & bedside terminals

Digital hospital communication for maximum user convenience, directly at the bedside


Infotainment and hospital services at the bedside

ClinicAll offers hospitals full support for making the move towards a modern, digital information system – from planning to day-to-day operation. ClinicAll bedside terminals are installed directly at the point of care, the patient’s bedside, and connected to the modern world of media. Integration with the hospital's own HIS system provides access to a wide range of hospital services.

ClinicAll software

ClinicAll has spent many years developing and perfecting its proprietary HIS software, which offers optimal support for meeting the needs of hospital and patient alike. For hospitals, the ClinicAll software offers the option of integrating many digitalized solutions into one single platform. Entertainment and high-quality information services are offered to patients–significantly improving patient comfort.

The hospital services platform

We bring together apps and features from many providers onto a single platform.


Fit for the present and the future

ClinicAll provides a software and hardware platform that can be quickly and flexibly adjusted to the individual requirements of any hospital. Individual services and apps from many leading IT providers have already been integrated into ClinicAll systems:

  • Infotainment (TV, phone, Internet, etc.)
  • Digital meal ordering
  • Bed and room control
  • Soft nurse call
  • Automated patient check-in
  • Room status monitoring
  • Push messaging
  • Patient information and education
  • Physicians and medical staff have secure access to patient data from any terminal

ClinicAll integrates a wide range of software solutions into a common digital platform, which is provided to the physician and the patient.

The scope of features described here are examples of offerings by the ClinicAll system. ClinicAll is specialized in collaborating with clinics to help them realize their customized requirements.

HIS Connectivity

  • Secure access to HIS
  • The card reader in every ClinicAll terminal enables direct authorization for staff to call up the respective patient information
  • Entries by the doctor e.g. during the doctor’s rounds, are stored centrally in HIS and are available immediately across the entire clinic

Digital Patient Admission

  • Digital patient registration system
  • Patients can register to the hospital themselves
  • Name, room number, initial treatment plans etc can be printed on the attached printer
  • Automatic update of room status and all other relevant patient data in HIS

Nurse Call System, Room Monitoring & Room Status

  • Extensive nurse call system, immediate differentiation between emergency and soft calls
  • Patient name, hospital room allocations and patient status announcements and soft calls are displayed clearly in each ward
  • Displaying room status and status announcements for patients (“The doctor is coming, please remain in bed”) are managed centrally and displayed in real-time on all devices
  • Automatic synchronization on all devices: the patient sees a status announcement as soon as the nurse confirms his/her patient call

Room & Bed Control

  • Room lighting, blinds etc. can be conveniently controlled via terminals or the app
  • Bed control via terminals or the app
  • The system’s multi-tasking capability means the TV or radio program is not interrupted

Watch Your Baby

  • Video and audio transmission
  • Direct contact between parents, baby and medical staff
  • Important support for parents during their hospital stay

Eye Control

  • Eye control enables patients with limited mobility to control the mouse pointer and enter commands
  • Minimal effort required to adapt the system to the patient’s eyes for usability without tiring

Vital Signs Collection

  • Patient data is stored centrally immediately after entry
  • Secure access for doctors and staff on every device, even on bedside terminals in the patient rooms

Digital Meal Ordering

  • Integrating the hospital system permits easy meal ordering and patient services
  • When ordering meals, the system automatically shows which menus are available for each patient in line with the treatment plan
  • Individual menus can be tracked via an RFID chip

Mobile Applications: Ward Trolleys & CliniTec Box

  • Ward trolley with integrated ClinicAll terminal
  • The doctor’s visit on his round is automatically announced just beforehand on the patient’s terminal Records vital data with automatic update in HIS
  • The mobile CliniTec Box: The bedside terminal on wheels!
  • The terminal can be moved and used flexibly across the hospital
  • Individual color design possible

ClinicAll already implemented several more features.


We're happy to advice you about what we can do for your hospital.