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Customized software

A unique task requires a unique approach. Together with the customer, ClinicAll develops customized software solutions for all needs – future-proof and expandable.

The ClinicAll software – fully customisable!

Some customer-specific ClinicAll user interfaces:

ClinicAll has been successfully established in the market for bedside terminals and patient terminals for over 10 years. Our many years of experience and expertise enable us to offer each clinic an individual, customised solution that integrates seamlessly into the workflow of each hospital. We understand the needs and requirements of each individual clinic and cater to every specific request.

Maximum individuality

We can create a unique user interface for each clinic and thus perfectly optimise the user experience. The user interface of the ClinicAll software is highly customisable, allowing each clinic to implement its specific branding. In addition, we integrate additional apps and functions according to customer specifications, which meet the requirements of the respective institution. Our software is always kept up to date with the latest technology. This enables us to achieve simple and intuitive operation and maximum efficiency in everyday clinical practice.

Personalised environment

The benefits of our solution extend beyond improved patient care. With the ability to provide clinic-specific content and services, we create a personalised environment that positively impacts the patient experience. Our specialised team works closely with each customer to ensure that all individual requirements are met. With our long track record and commitment to innovation, we continue to set the standard in the hospital technology industry.

Software development

for hospitals, assisted living, rehab centers and many other institutions


ClinicAll doesn't only offer innovative information terminals for hospitals. Our services go much further. We have also placed our focus on developing customized software solutions – together with our customers. With these unique solutions, almost every customer demand can be answered.

Depending on the location, infrastructure and other framework conditions, digitalization levels in today's hospitals and other organizations vary considerably. There is no question that every hospital has to fully digitalize all processes in the foreseeable future. Our experience tells us that many hospitals are in need of individually tailored solutions. This is the reason why we are specializing in the development of customized software products.

What can customized software do?

For several hospitals world-wide, ClinicAll already has developed and provided customer-specific software products. This includes adapting standard functionalities to the conditions on site, such as room control, room surveillance or offering individualized medical information for patients (interactive forms, videos).

But there are examples that go far beyond this, necessitating the development of truly customized software solutions:

  • Digital patient registration
    Patients can check-in and check-out themselves
  • Pre- and post-hospital care
    Apps and processes that offer better patient service before and after the hospital stay
  • Third party applications
    Integration of novel apps into the existing software infrastructure
  • Patient data
    Safe data acquisition and management
  • Healthcare legislation
    Software products that meet the requirements of new legislation
  • Digital food ordering
    Full integration into the hospital's logistics and supply processes (e.g. RFID-based surveillance of delivered meals)
  • Hospital logistics
    Supervision and monitoring of logistic processes (e.g. drug supply and storage)
  • Chat and messaging services
    for easy communication between patient, doctors and staff
  • Individual interfaces
    for the import and export of e.g. vital signs or to help processing medical test results (X-ray, tomography, etc.)
  • Other customer-specific functions
    Communication, information, medical data processing and much more

Personal consulting and concept development

The development of customized software solutions is done in close collaboration with the customer. The first step is the creation of a conclusive specification sheet, followed by exact planning and scheduling of all development processes.

But this close cooperation continues after the roll-out of the new software, so it always can be adjusted or extended to new requirements. Our declared aim is to enter long and reliable cooperations in a spirit of mutual trust that guarantee the smooth and economic operation of our software solutions and lead to a long-term benefit of all project partners.

We are happy to advice you in detail – of course without any obligation.

Target audience and customers

Our customized software offerings are not only offered for hospitals. In addition, we also share our expertise with several other healthcare organizations, such as rehab centers, assisted living facilities and specialist practices.

As the technical requirements and principles are very similar, we also offer customer-specific software development for non-medical facilities like hotels or event venues. Please inquire for further details.